With our "Point and Click" Domain Registration you get:


- Domain Name Registration-
Get your own dot com today!

- A website that doesn't look "homemade"-
Wow! With our brand new designer templates we have made putting up your website "point and click" easy! It is FREE with your domain registration!

- 100 personalized email addresses -
Create up to 100 personalized email addresses from your own domain! FREE!

- Name-My-Phone -
Your clients can send a text message from your website directly to your cellphone! FREE!

- Name-My-Map -
Ever want to give someone directions to your home or business, with an easy to remember name? FREE!

- Domain Control Panel-
YOU and only YOU are in charge of how your domain operates. FREE!

-Domain Forwarding or Pointing -
Already have a website? But it has a long address? Get your domain name here and point it at your current website. FREE!

So you've seen that there are huge benefits to registering your domain at PaperTheWeb. Just REGISTER for a new account. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Our other divisions

Pastemachines.com Your place on the internet to order paperhanging tools at the lowest possible prices

The American School of Paperhanging Arts For over twenty five years we have trained professionals in the wallcovering industry.

The American Paperhanging Network A mailing list where those people interested in the wallcovering industry exchange daily emails. Primarly directed at professional installers.


The Guides for using your account with PaperTheWeb "Point and Click" website and domain registration are listed below. In these guides we take you by the hand and show you each step of the purchasing process and what happens AFTER you purchase a name and how to use the domain control panel. These easy-to-follow explanations are all on "popups" to make navigation simple!

Purchasing a Name (the first time)

  • Guide One: What you see when you press the CLICK TO START button above
  • Guide Two: The top part of registration form including suggestions about filling in this form.
  • Guide Three: The bottom half of the registration form.
  • Guide Four: How to input the name you are interested in obtaining.
  • Guide Five: An explanation of the screen that comes up next with the availability (or not) of your domain name request.
  • Guide Six: Your "cart" screen
  • Guide Seven: The final cart check out screen

Managing your domain(s)

  • Guide Eight: An explanation about signon or login screen. This includes information on how to access your account information, credit card info, password and how to go directly to managing your domain.
  • Guide Nine: A review of your "settings" file and what it does.
  • Guide Ten: How to enable your domain for the services we offer such as Website builder, Name my phone, email addresses, page forwarding, name my map etc.
  • Guide Eleven: The first look at your domain control panel. This includes information on the first two sections. We will show you how to forward your domain to already existing web pages and how to change nameservers if you wish to host your domain name elsewhere.
  • Guide Twelve: The next three sections of your domain control panel. This is where you will learn how to enable your website builder, enable your email forwarding and configure the settings, or park your domain.
  • Guide Thirteen: The last two sections of your domain control panel are where you enable NAME MY PHONE and NAME MY MAP. The last section is utility links put there for your convenience.

Using Website Builder to design your FREE website!

This is the page making software that makes putting up a professional looking website as simple as clicking on a button.

Before you can use it you need to enable website builder on your domain control panel. If you don't know how to get to your domain control panel read Guide Eight. You can learn how to enable WEBSITE BUILDER for your domain by reading Guide Twelve.

  • Guide Fourteen is a step by step illustrated look at the easy process of building and putting up your internet website!

Doing stuff with email

  • Guide Fifteen a step by step guide on how to set up the domain control panel for email forwarding.
  • Guide Sixteen a step by step guide so that your emails all look like they CAME from your domain name.
  • Guide Seventeen Troubleshooting your email




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